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We foster a culture of trust that allow everyone to thrive.
Respect. Love. Integrity. Honesty


When productive contractor leave your company they hurt the business. Employee turnover comes with a price tag attached.  It’s every manager’s nightmare: One of your best contractor quits out of the blue. Right away, you’ve got a whole new set of challenges to tackle on top of your daily responsibilities.  It is difficult to quantify all the “soft costs” of hiring and training a new employee, as they can have a significant impact on a business’ bottom line.

Not only do you have to find a replacement for such a talented team member — no small feat at a time when skilled professionals are in high demand — but you also have to consider the impact this departure will have on the rest of your staff.

The employees of a company are crucial to its success. We can’t stop it – we can certainly minimize it by employing and adopting best practices.


Recognition in the form of hike in rate. If the contractor has completed one year - give her/him a raise. TP USA will ask the company for a raise on the contractors behalf.


Focus on training management with an emphasis on skills in leadership, communication and teamwork.


Create a culture of open communication by welcoming requests and openness. Managers will find that they value the company more and their place with it.


Evaluating the expected responsibilities of each employee and consider how they are managing that workload. Empathy goes a long way to say "the co. cares".
More Than Just Business

What do we
Stand for?

Not too long ago, we have been a contractor just like you. We have had the same set of aspirations, challenges and goals. We can relate to your needs better. Our endeavor is to employ the best industry practice.
Payroll Service
We use ADP for all Payroll Services. Your Taxes, With-Holding, Deductions are all done right and reported.
Direct Deposit / ACH
You work hard during the week, you don't want to waste your time during the weekends making rounds to the bank. We offer Direct Deposit - it is convenient and you have time for your family.
Tax Terms
We offer both choices W2 and/or 1099. Both choices are respected made in accordance with ADP. The contractor have all the power.
We set our employees up with Aflac, 401k, and BCBS, AETNA section 125 Pretax dollars.
Paid Early
TP remits payroll to employed IT constants faster than any of our competitors. Our employees are pain in real time and are always a priority.
All W2 and 1099 contractors have access to their Tax Documents via ADP Employee Central Portal. You have all the information secured away in once place, only accessible by you.

The Team

We understand the importance of employee happiness. Higher employee engagement leads to greater productivity, and workers who feel valued are motivated to make real, tangible contributions to their companies. Come discover these in your journey..

    Challenging projects
    We firmly believe that one excels when she/he is mentally stimulated that nurtures growth, career advancement. Our recruiters not just finds you a job, but rewarding career that fosters and aligns your career goals.
    Remote / Hybrid Work
    Most of our Client Projects have WFH option and flexible hours.
    Family insurance
    We work for our family and their well being. Their happiness inspires us to walk that extra mile. Because it's worth it!
    Paid Vacation
    Our employees have paid 1 month vacation.
    Paid Learning
    We pay for your certifications and continuous learning.
    Zero Bench Time
    Our recruiters will find you your next project before you complete your existing project.
    Great people
    We are treat our employees as a family member. Love, Respect, Empathy, and Dependability is our hallmark.
    Creative environment
    Environment that inspires confidence and breeds corporate & technical atheletes.
    TechPeople USA
    Our HQ office is in Austin, TX.
    Office in the Energy Corridor in Houston, TX.
    Office in Chicago, IL catering to Midwest USA
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    TP USA
    Our HQ office is in Austin, TX.
    We have presence in the Energy Corridor in Houston, TX.
    We are now in Chicago, IL, catering to the Midwest USA.
    Our locations
    Where to find us?
    We are social
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