Digital Transformation


You have a big vision for your business, but you need an extra hand getting there. We will help enable the innovation of your operating models. Our team can help you embrace digital change by assessing your current strengths and weaknesses to position your business with a competitive advantage. Let us help you drive innovation at scale by providing end-to-end solutions from strategy to technology implementation.

DX CX Experience:

Providing seamless customer and employee experiences is one of the most important pieces of running your organization. As you look to digitally transform your business, we can help you tap into new technologies and a vast ecosystem that combine to deliver a holistic transformation.

DX Transformation
Are you on a path of constant disruption, or allowing static out-of-date systems to hold you back? How is your culture impacted? How is it impacting—your solutions? Our experts can help you with your Digital Identity.
Process Mgmt. (BPA)
We will help you identify inefficiencies, inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement of your organization so you can respond quickly to the ever changing business needs. We will formulate your Process Automation plan. From responsive websites that engage your visitors to digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic, we customize solutions to match your unique needs.
Automation (RPA)
Repetitive, essential, and timely tasks can be automated by a rule-based process through computer software. RPA enables employees to stay more focused and be more valuable to the company. RPA “robots” work 2-5 times faster than employees – 24 x 7 x 365. Good design doesn’t just happen: it’s based on thorough research and best practices that turn looks into results.
ERP Solutions
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions connect all of the disparate operations in your business and create unified communication for your data. Accounting, HR, Compliance, Security, Products and Services etc. Success is dependent on allowing each of these functions collaborate dynamically sharing valuable data & information.
Your enterprise or startup business can benefit from the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. From sales to services and marketing, our team can set you up with the cloud-based applications offered by Salesforce. Check out Salesforce Lightning – the next level of faster, simpler CRM to push productivity higher, build apps more quickly and work smarter.
From your logistics to IoT, aggregating data and decision making into one common operational picture can drive action and your bottom line. Coolfire’s platform delivers real-time situational awareness at the edge by connecting the right people with the right data, right now.
Deep Learning, AI and ML

Process Automation

Time is priceless to your business—repetitive, essential, and timely tasks can be automated by a rule-based process through computer software. Giving you the and your business your most valuable asset back.

Recent studies from analysts show that RPA is expected to grow at a 60.5% CAGR. Automating your processes could eliminate up to 80% of human error. By removing these mistakes, you will be guaranteed of data accuracy, happier employees and you’ll reduce loss in profits caused by manual tasks.

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TechPeople is a trusted partner when it comes to connecting employers with top talent within the specified timeframe. Whether your workforce relates to financial services, health care or retail, we provide cost-effective solutions that properly augment your enterprise’s human resource functions.
ERP, Cloud & Commerce
  • SAP BTP Architect
  • AZURE Architect
  • GCP Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
Architects / SMEs
Blockchain and Web 3.0
  • Smart Contracts
  • Web 3.0 Consulting
  • Wallet Creation
  • NFTs
Infra. Automation
Complete Strategy
  • Net Zero Compliance
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Scope 1, 2, 3 Reporting
  • Carbon Emission Compliance

UiPath, Automation Anywhere, RPAAutomation

Let TechPeople show you how a properly tuned interface can give your business a competitive advantage. Reach us today, drop us an email. Our typical turn around time is 24 hours.

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    Our HQ office is in Austin, TX.
    We have presence in the Energy Corridor in Houston, TX.
    We are now in Chicago, IL, catering to the Midwest USA.
    Our locations
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    We are social
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