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Embracing open source technologies to drive change & empower enterprises.
Harnessing Open Source Development Services for Business Advantage

Open Source Consulting services offer cost effective and innovative solutions to solve complex business problems.

TechPeople offers open source consulting services and provides you with expert guidance in choosing the right open source software for your needs. We have a vast experience in designing and building open source technology based applications. Open source solutions radically reduce your overheads and provide cost savings on software licenses, deployment and maintenance. More and more companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of investment in open source technologies and are adopting it.

Our teams of experts help you select the right open source software based on your immediate needs and future plans. We offer customization services for open source software to customize and upgrade existing open source software based on your business requirements. We also provide software migration services to upgrade to the latest version of the software to help you avail the latest available functionality and features.

In today’s digital world, open source software powers nearly all of our modern day society as well as economy. A survey conducted by GitHub and collaborators from academia stated that 72% of the people always seek out open source options when evaluating new tools and that a majority of users (86%) believe that an open source software is usually better than proprietary software.

Cost and agility factors have increased the demand for Open Source technologies in the past few years. Today, organizations are rapidly adopting Open Source technology to quickly develop rich software functions, drive operational effectiveness and eliminate cost associated with proprietary software. Open Source Consulting services offer cost effective and innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. TechPeople Competency team with experienced Open Source technology consultants and technology experts deliver customizable and innovative Open Source Development Services to suit customers’ individual business needs. We offer Open Source Consulting Services such as

  • Technology evaluation and recommendation
  • Open Source maturity assessments
  • Readiness evaluation
  • Open Source roadmap
  • Cost of adoption, maintenance and ROI estimation
  • Application Architecture and design

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Java, JEE, PHP, Scala, Python, JavaScript, AngularJS, ExtJS, Backbone, ReactJS
Spring, MVC, JBoss, Hibernate, Zend, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Kohana
Liferay, Drupal. Joomla, WordPress, Magenta
Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, Nginx

Open Source PlatformsOur Approach

  • Database
  • Data Pipeline
  • Kubernetes
  • Multi-Cloud

Building Database Platform

As the demands of data grow in the digital economy, businesses must evolve to the new data management benchmarks. Open source solutions offer businesses the opportunity of building scalable and flexible database platforms of choice that can collect, store and analyse large amounts of data from every source without sacrificing governance, security or management. A critical necessity where new technologies are continuously coming into play in response to new business needs.

Building High-Speed Data Pipeline

New age businesses can look at open source solutions as a futuristic way to handle blazing fast gigabyte data streams in a manner that allows for scalability, flexibility and agility without sacrificing optimum throughput and latency. When a lot rides on building out the most robust, least expensive and innovative architecture, we offer optimum solutions that seamlessly thread data engineering, input and analytics through to delivery.


  • Multiple data sources
  • High velocity of data ingestion
  • Real time analytics
  • Proliferation of IoT and sensors
  • Log analytics

Enabling Kubernetes Platform

Build out new capabilities and scale up with open source technologies that work in concert with the orchestration capabilities of Kubernetes. Spin up larger, more demanding or complex applications in ways that deliver greater storage, global load balancing efficiencies, order management and self-healing ability. With our open source solutions, administrative tasks can be automated, so that there are reduced manual distractions and businesses can concentrate on core for rapid innovation and effective data management.


  • Containerization
  • Portability across platform
  • Microservices
  • Kubernetes operators
  • Internal cloud platform
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud approach

Enabling Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Platform

Evolve your business abilities to incorporate the flexibility of managing infrastructure across hybrid or multi-cloud platforms. With open source solutions you can opt for a hybrid cloud architecture by blending proprietary infrastructure along with a public cloud service. Or, choose to adopt a multi-cloud platform strategy for best of breed services, avoidance of single provider lock-in and advantages of price. We can help you choose the right solution based on an assessment of workloads, databases, networks, SLAs, storage and scalability demands.


  • Portability across platforms
  • Application containerization
  • Kubernetes orchestration
  • Convenience of deployment
  • Scale up / scale down
  • High availability zones
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Client appreciation is more than just providing exceptional service. ... Client appreciation extends past the results we provide and aims to builds loyalty and develop strong relationships. Beyond making customers feel special, it provides credibility that serves to build confidence for all future clients.
We can always rely on your team to answer our calls at any time of the day and provide us with prompt service. We appreciate the honesty, integrity of your consultants.

Ernesto P.
TechPeople has stepped up to the plate overseeing our mixed environment of Apple/MAC and Microsoft applications.

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Unmatched CX
TechPeople has provided unmatchable customer service with a tremendous quality of service that has resulted in minimized downtime and disruption.

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Good job TechPeople!
Your engineer makes things easy for me. He is thorough and polite. I know things hereon will be delivered on time.

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The right investment
Honesty and Integrity trumps over all the investments. I am glad your engineers lays such paramount importance to those intangibles. Good job!

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Walking that extra mile!
We wanted folks with BI experience. You went extra mile to find us people with HLS/Pharma Industry experience. This is a tremendous value-add. Good job!

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Our HQ office is in Austin, TX.
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We are now in Chicago, IL, catering to the Midwest USA.
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